Kristy and the Secret of Yesterday Farm (Hardcover)

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A young girl attends a festival with her grandfather and makes a discovery that changes her life forever. This coming-of-age story charms readers with its playful tenderness. What child doesn't dream of a grandfather like Kristy's? And what child would turn down the thrill of a day at a festival? In America's heartland, Kristy steps into the past. She comes face-to-face with ways farmers lived and worked in the early 1900s. Plows and threshers, overalls and bonnets, a kaleidoscope of farm culture fills her eyes and piques her curiosity. Kristy and the Secret of Yesterday Farm is packed with pleasure for childre, parents, and teachers. Lavish pastel illustrations turn the story into a visual delight. An easy-to-read text grips young readers as they ponder and squirm to solve the mystery that taunts Kristy. For teachers, the story presents clear facts and historically accurate illustrations of early farming practices. It helps elementary teachers bring the Farm Unit to life. For parents, the story illuminates a core value critical to a child's well-being. And for children, parents, and teachers alike, Kristy is cause for more discussions about history and family ties.